“The services provided by Quest have benefited my son through increased motor planning and body awareness, trunk strength and fine motor activities.  His balance, coordination and posture have also improved as a result of his therapy.  He has become a lot more confident to try new activities such as sports without fearing that he will fall.  I believe these accomplishments to be a direct result of the therapy he is receiving at Quest.  My son had previously been receiving traditional OT services and had shown improvements, however, I feel that his improvements are more dramatic and rapid with the addition of the Quest services.  It’s an unbelievable turnaround for him and he really enjoys this type of therapy."                
“After Cate began her sessions at Quest, we witnessed her increased trunk strength and control. This was made evident by Cate not only being able to sit independently on the floor but then being able to transition herself from lying on her back to a sitting position. This gives Cate one of the few independent movements and positions that she has in her range of function - sitting. We continue to see the benefits of Quest through her increased arm strength, trunk stability, endurance and head/neck control. These gains are a direct result of the specialized therapy she is receiving at Quest.”
Christa and George T., parents
“Our daughter Devon has continued to benefit from weekly hippotherapy sessions at Quest.  Her strength, balance, endurance, and coordination have shown improvement and she has begun to participate in activities that she formerly was not able to; she now rides a tricycle and has demonstrated increased endurance for sitting independently at a table for meals and other activities.  Her ability to walk continuously has improved as has her overall tolerance for participating in sequential physical activities without resting in between.  These skills have all been demonstrated repeatedly during Devon's first month and half at preschool .”
                                                                                                      Kim and David L., parents



 “As parents, we have seen Ryan making significant progress in his balance, trunk strength and endurance. He is now able to sit without support and can even let go with both hands and maintain his balance. He can stand at a table for several minutes supporting himself and help with transfers in and out of his wheelchair. These are huge functional achievements that are helping Ryan reduce the effects of his disability and making him more independent with his daily life. These gains are a direct result of the specialized therapy he is receiving at Quest.”

Lee and Steven L., parents