Our Horses


CHLOE  -- 13.3h Bay Welsh-Arab Cross Mare (DOB: 1996) Chloe is owned by Quest Therapeutic Services since 2007. Before coming to Quest, Chloe was a hunter show pony with many championship ribbons in both flat and over fence competitions. Chloe was awarded 2009 Horse of the Year because of the excellent movement she imparts to her rider: a relaxed, freely swinging forward walk with big steps. Her walk and trot are smooth, springy and flowing. Chloe is sensitive, kind, curious, smart, patient, and responsive. She has a willing nature who quietly watches and follows her leader.


  (“Mini Cooper - the Pony”) -- 7.2h Gray/White Paint Miniature Gelding (DOB: 2005) purchased by Quest in October 2009. He is a miniature horse who is a “helping horse”: helping kids to learn. He is intelligent, curious, gentle and affectionate. He is very easily trained and is learning tricks like giving kisses, shaking his head yes and no, and how to take a bow. He was recently seen on TV giving a kiss to Fox 29's Susan Serio and instantly became a star.



JACK  -- 14.1h Dales Bay Gelding (DOB: 1999). Jack was generously donated to Quest in November 2011 by Kathy Kiesel. He is USEF and USDF life-time registered, and has done leadline through training level dressage. He has shown both in driving and dressage shows. Jack is a strong, smooth, kind guy who is very alert and sensitive to his environment. He is very bold, knows his job and makes a nice riding partner. Jack is well loved and offers us strong, steady, flowing movement.


MR. MOCHA  -- 13h Buckskin Pinto Gelding (DOB: 1999).
Mr. Mocha was generously donated to Quest in August 2011
by the Rappucci family. Before coming to Quest, he was famous for winning lots of ribbons as a hunter jumper pony ridden by Brianna Rappucci in the "A" circuit shows. Mocha is a sweet guy who wants to please his leaders. Mocha went to the Devon Horse show in May 2012 for a leadline pony class. Mr. Mocha is a nice guy who has a willing attitude. His gaits are extremely smooth and steady providing good movement for hippotherapy.




TEDDY  -- 13.3h Chestnut Morgan-Cross Gelding
(DOB: 1998). Teddy was generously donated to Quest Therapeutic Services in June 2011 by Lori Peacock. Prior to coming to Quest, Teddy was famous for fox hunting, trailriding and is a very trustworthy mount for kids. Teddy is smart, sensitive and gentle, willing to do what you ask of him. Teddy's movement imparts smoothness and steadiness to his rider.



 -- 14.1h Dun Fjord Gelding (DOB: 2003). Tobin was generously donated to Quest in February 2009 and previously trained for riding and driving. Tobin was born and trained in Nova Scotia. Tobin is a strong, smooth moving guy who is very playful and energetic. He is learning to be patient and responsive during hippotherapy.



LOKI is our latest addition to the Quest Team.   




ANNIE  -- 14.2h Bay & White Paint Mare (DOB: 2001) Retired.  Annie was owned by Quest Therapeutic Services since June 2012. She was trained for dressage and jumping. Annie tends to be very alert to her surroundings and desires to please. She reacts to new things with curiousity and a willingness to accept. Annie gives smooth movement to her rider being very careful in her steps. She is sensitive, kind, smart, and responsive. She has a willing nature who takes her cues from those who lead her. RETIRED 2015



BAXTER, retired  (ASA Ebony Jack +/) -- 14.3h Black Arabian Gelding (DOB: 1996). Owned by Courtney West, Baxter was a blue ribbon winner in many show disciplines: Endurance Horse 2-3 yr. old; 7 National Top Tens, Dressage/Working Hunter; and earned his Legion of Supreme Honor Champion from the Arabian Horse Association and they recognized him as 5th in the nation in 2009. Baxter was very smart, gentle and willing to serve. He was a true athlete with forward, flowing movement. Baxter went home to be with Courtney in Sept. 2011 to serve as her steady riding partner.



MAX  -- 14.3h Chestnut Haflinger Gelding (DOB: 2000). 
Max was donated to Quest in May 2010 by his generous owners. Max was trained by Amish as a driving horse. His previous owners bought him for trailriding and thought he would be well suited for our hippotherapy work due to his nice friendly personality. He has very big strides and is built like a tank. Max was taught to “smile” for treats. RETIRED




HARLEY, retired  -- 14.2h Chestnut Haflinger Gelding (DOB: 1995). Harley came to Quest in March 2002 as an exchange from Thorncroft where he was an experienced therapeutic riding horse. Harley served with Quest the longest of any other horse. He was very athletic winning 1st place in adult low-jumper Allerton Paper Chase in 2006. He was very bold, a great herd leader, knew his job well and made a nice riding partner. He was well loved by many and offered us strong, steady, flowing movement. Harley was purchased as a steady trail mount in July 2010.


LADY, retired
  -- 14.1h Bay Welsh-Arab Mare (DOB: 1986). Lady was loaned to Quest in January 2010. She was a show and lesson pony. She wanted to be your best friend and always put forth her best effort to help our children in therapy here at Quest. Lady was so smart and obedient that she was able to work in therapy sessions her first week with us. She had quickly become a great team member whose movement was springy and steady. Lady retired to go home to her owners in fall of 2010.



MISS MARINA, retired  -- 13.3h Chestnut Haflinger Mare (DOB: 2001). Miss Marina was bought by Quest Therapeutic Services in May 2011. She is a lifetime member of the USEF, had experience as a show jumper, and was trained in natural horsemanship skills - even with a teeter-totter. Marina began to be trained for hippotherapy and was working within a few weeks because she was so intelligent and willing to please. Marina was a bold leader and made a nice steady riding partner. She had a smooth floaty trot and all her gaits were lovely to ride. Marina was purchased from Quest as a steady trail partner in Jan. 2012.



NEMO, deceased  -- 13.2h Chestnut Haflinger Gelding (1995-2011) owned by Quest Therapeutic Services since 2005. Before coming to Quest, Nemo worked as a children’s lesson pony on a small family farm. Nemo was an uncomplicated, nice guy who had a willing attitude. His gaits were smooth and steady. He prefered to move slowly and provided good movement for hippotherapy. Nemo was easy to lead, work around and fun to ride. He represented Quest at community events by giving pony rides. Nemo served our mission in excellence throughout his time with us.



PEANUT BUTTER  -- 14.3h Chestnut Haflinger Gelding (DOB: 1997). Peanut Butter was loaned to Quest in November 2007 by his generous owner. Peanut Butter has done it all! He is famous for pulling a sleigh with jingle bells in the winter. He is also famous for being an uncomplicated kind and honest guy. Peanut Butter confidently carried a hippotherapy client representing Quest in Kennett Square's Mushroom Festival in 2009 & 2010. Peanut Butter went home to his family in November 2012 where he is much loved. We wish him the best as his service to us was outstanding!