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Your Financial Support of our Program is Crucial!

Quest is a non-profit pediatric therapy practice that provides family-centered therapy to 4,500 children every year from the Delaware Valley.  It is difficult to find pediatric therapy for children under the age of 16, let alone a full-time Equine-Assisted Therapy and hippotherapy program like ours.  Quest has ten horses that are used by our therapists as a very effective tool (the movement of the horses) in the therapy sessions, which other therapy clinics are unable to offer.

We fundraise to support our Equine-Assisted Therapy and Hippotherapy program as well as to seek funding for the Quest Scholarship Fund. On the average, each visit of therapy costs Quest $150.00 and two hours of volunteer time. Our average reimbursement from insurance companies for the same session averages $80. Quest fundrasies more than $200,000 per year for the hippotherapy program and another $75,000 per year for our Quest Scholarship Fund. 

Donate to the Quest Pony Care Fund

We have the best ponies here at Quest - they are happy and love what they do!  

The health and well-being of our therapy horses is essential in the delivery of core Equine-Assisted Therapy  and hippotherapy treatment services.  The unique quality of the treatment session is influenced in large part by the health, soundness, attitude, and training of our ponies and horses as a therapy team member.   Our horses may be included in treatment programs for approximately 100 visits a week.  

Veterinary care and costly preventive care is vital towards keeping our therapy horses healthy and able to work happily and soundly with our children. Veterinary vaccines typically cost $140/per horse and the yearly dental exam and treatment typically costs nearly $150/per horse.  The cost for veterinary care, dental care, hay and feed, farrier visits and equipment will be nearly $39,000 this year.   These treatments and costs are essential for our therapy horses to perform in their important role as part of each child’s special therapy team.

Support the Quest Scholarship Fund

The fund helps familes who are experiencing financial hardship or who have maximized thier annual insurance benefits and would have to discontinue therapy for their child due to lack of financial means.

Nearly 55% of our children would have to go without this effective therapy in their wellness and therapy program unless there was funding from our scholarship program.  Our children that we serve need weekly therapy to advance their life skills and therapy goals.  Help our children continue with this life-changing therapy - support our programs or support the scholarship fund.   


Please support Quest and our mission at a level that is meaningful to you and your family.  All donations are deductible to the full extent of the law.  If you have questions please contact Jennifer at jkriesel@QuestTherapeutic.com 


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