We Need your Support!

Quest is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Since 1996, we have relied heavily on individual and corporate donations.  We want to ensure that each child that comes through our door has every resource available to help them reach their full potential — regardless of their ability to pay. Your fully tax-deductible donation will help support our programs and foster research of the most current and advanced therapy techniques.

Your donation can give a lifetime of benefits to a child with special needs. Our parents and caregivers see the benefits of our programs everyday and your support will help us continue this magnificient work.  You can support our Equine-Assisted Therapy program, our horses and ponies as well as our organization in the following ways.  Quest looks to the community for support of our life-changing programs. You can direct your gift to benefit scholarships, feed and hay for the horses, professional development opportunities for staff, equipment, etc. Gifts are most commonly made by cash or appreciated securities.   


Quest Horse and Pony Care 


You can direct your donation to our Quest Horse and Pony Fund which helps pay for feed, bedding, hay, supplements, emergency and regular scheduled veterinary care, equipment and more.  Upon reciept of your donation, we will send you a photo of one of the horses with their "signature".  


 United Way, America's Charities and Employer Giving Plans

 We are a United Way Donor-Choice charity.  You can support Quest through your company United Way Campaign or employer giving plan.  Designate your United Way donation to Quest Therapeutic Services by using United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania Donor Choice #14571, or write in our FULL name and address on the form. For more information please call us. If you need a United Way Speaker for your kick-off campaign, let us know how we can support your United Way fund drive or your Employer Giving Plans!  



We can help you double your donation - many employers have a matching gift plan where the donations you give to your favorite charities are matched, sometimes dolllar for dollar and some are matched 2:1.  Contact us for more information - application forms are available from your employer's Human resources department - WE CAN HELP YOU DOUBLE YOUR GIFT - JUST LET US KNOW AND WE WILL SEND IN THE DOCUMENTATION.   


MemoriaL AND Honorary Gifts for the Future of Quest

 Another wonderful giving opportunity is to make a gift in memory of a loved one or to honor someone on a special day (birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc.). These gifts can be given for any occasion that a tribute would be appreciated by family and friends. These gifts are generally used in the areas of most immediate needs.  

We are humbled to receive memorial and honorarium gifts from our family of supporters. 


Stock Donations:

A gift of appreciated stock is always welcome!   Please contact Jennifer at for more information before transfering your shares.  Our Quest Broker at Janney Montgomery Scott LLC will sell your shares upon receipt.  We wil provide you will the DPC number and our account when you are ready to make your donation. Our broker is Janey Montgomery Scott at (610-526-7228.  Please contact us with your INFORMATION before the transfer as once it has been processed it is nearly impossible for us to track the donor name and thank you address! 

 Endowment and Capital Gifts


The Quest Board and staff are working now to ensure its future legacy of serving children with special needs at Quest. Quest is establishing an endowment fund to so that the investment in our property, facility, and programs is carried out long into the future. The development of a permanent endowment fund is a critical step in ensuring our long-term success and self sufficiency.  We are currently developing new avenues for our endowment program - please contact us for more information.



Wish List or Special Projects and Needs  

We are always looking for support via our wish list.  Currently we are looking for gift certificates to our local feed stores, such as ACE Brandywine Hardware in Pocopson, Tractor Supply, Dover Saddlery, Home Depot, veterinary catalogs, Lowes, Staples and more. Contact us for more information. 

In-kind donations:

We are always looking for donations of services, hay, new horse gear, horse feed, wormers, and more.  Veterinary services, medicine, farrier services and fence repair items are always welcome.


Special Purpose such as Professional Development

Our vision is to cultivate therapists who will be nationally recognized as leaders in their field and to further develop our clinical affiliation program that teaches therapy students from local universities. Toward this goal, funds are sought for educational resources to maintain our leadership position.  We are affiliated with the Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy programs at Weidner, Temple, Thomas Jefferson, West Chester, University of Delaware and more. Interns can contact us for availability.


By including a bequest in your will, not only can you provide important support for Quest Therapeutic Services, but also reduce or eliminate state and federal estate taxes. Bequests can take various forms: specific, general, residual, contingent — and can support general or restricted purposes.  

Please contact Jennifer at for further details and to help Quest plan for the future with your gift in mind.

We are registered with the PA Bureau of Charitable Organizations. For more information about any of these giving programs, please contact