Adult education and formation programs at SPC explore a broad array of subjects--theology, spirituality, history, bible and the arts—through a variety of meeting times and formats including: Sunday morning seminars (9:45-10:45), discussion groups, book studies, classes, forums, retreats, listening groups, and other small group experiences.

This Fall (2020) we will continue our zoom-based conversations around RACISM, JUSTICE AND FAITH.

During the summer we encouraged everyone to engage the work of the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) by reading the Bryan Stevenson book Just Mercy, watching the documentary True Justice and/or the biopic Just Mercy. Starting August 16, we will begin conversations around criminal justice reform, the work of the Equal Justice Initiative, and information about SPC involvement in local EJI related “community remembrance” efforts. Everyone, including youth, invited to join this important conversation. August 16, 23 and 30, 9:30 a.m.

Starting on September 20, our conversations around race will continue with a congregation wide exploration of the book So You Want to Talk About Race by IJeoma Oluo. Everyone is encouraged to read this book, and to participate in one or more conversations that will be taking place, both in our usual Sunday Seminar time (Sunday @ 9:30 via Zoom), as well as other groups within the church. Sunday Seminar schedule is as follows:

  • 9/20 Introduction to “talking about race” CH 1-2
  • 9/27 Talking about race and privilege CH 3-4
  • 10/4 off
  • 10/11 Intersectionality CH 5
  • 10/18 Racist Systems: police brutality, affirmative action
  • school to prison pipeline CH 6-8
  • 10/25 Racist Behaviors: the “n” word, appropriation, microaggressions CH 9-12
  • 11/1 off
  • 11/8 Fighting Racial Oppression: Understanding Anger, the Model Minority
  • Myth, Tone Policing CH13-15
  • 11/15 Staying in Hard Conversations and What Else Can I Do CH 16-17

Check enotices, or contact the office for Zoom information

Additional resources we've been exploring:

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