Alternative Christmas

Sunday, Dec 1 | 9:45 am

This year SPC will again give you the chance to "purchase" more meaningful Christmas gifts in the form of donations in your recipient's honor. There is no seminar between services on 12/1 and we will squeeze in before and after the seminar on 12/8. Both dates will be open after the second service. The following four projects will be featured:

Jefferson County Homeless Coalition: The homeless shelter is looking for a good replacement used van for transporting the homeless to cold weather shelters. And they still need $50 per night for hotel rooms for those too ill for the shelters or for when the shelters are full.

West Virginia Community Hub: West Virginia is at a crossroads. The economy that has sustained its people for years is in decline. The Hub is working with many partners to engage the state’s citizens in discussions about the future, share ideas and connect leaders in order to develop a new plan for where the state will go. All amounts help to fund activities.

SPC sponsor of an asylum seeker: SPC is working to sponsor an asylum-seeker from the southern border and will need funds to support such things as legal and health care, food, transportation and clothing for the asylee. $50 would buy a week’s groceries, a winter coat at Good Will or subsidize a legal consultation.

Congo Follow to the Visit of Dr. Makolo: The Good Shepherd Hospital (to which SPC donated <$4,000 for the Women’s Center) has fallen months behind in salaries due to the unpaid costs of treating wartime casualties. $50 will cover the cost of treating one of these indigent patients, plus some for the endowment for future sustainability.