Ethel Hornbeck's Letter to the Session

To the Session of Shepherdstown Presbyterian Church

Dear Friends,

This letter is to inform you that I am resigning my position as Director of Spiritual Formation at SPC as of Nov 30, 2020.

I am and will always be deeply grateful for these many years of shared ministry. You all raised me up, pretty much from scratch, and so generously and patiently helped shape a teacher, a preacher, a campus pastor, an event planner, and so much more.

And what fruitful years these have been -- all of those forums, fests, and seminars. Music, worship, websites. Rainbow flags and scarves. Special services of lament, and of celebration. So many college students who have passed through and beyond our circle of our care and gone on to do the most amazing things. I treasure it all.

After such a wild and wonderful 16+ year ride, it is hard to believe that it’s entering this new phase. But, it is quite clear to me that this moment is calling for something entirely new in my life -- and, I think, too, in the life of SPC. I have no doubt whatsoever that the Spirit that made this unlikely partnership possible has yet more tricks up her sleeve—so, lets all keep an eye out for that!

Please note that I am resigning, not retiring—I have no actual retirement available to me, and do not wish to imply otherwise. More importantly, however, I’m quite clear that I am not “finished,” although what that actually means remains unclear. As I learned long ago--that’s just how the Spirit works.

In the meantime, I remain, like all of you, a member of this marvelous community we call SPC, as I have been for more than 2 decades. So, no fuss needed; I’ll see you all around, in the pews, or at least for now, on the screens.

You remain in my prayers.

With gratitude and with love and prayers