Join the Earth Day Video Montage!

Members and friends are encouraged to prepare a short video to share in EarthDay Worship on April 26. Nothing formal, just a simple way to reach out and connect as we celebrate Earth Day in this challenging time. Videos might include:

  •  A message of thanks: how are you celebrating spring? What in nature brings you joy?
  •  A message of care: what are your concerns/fears?
  •  A message of action: what are you doing to help mother Earth? What can we do?

Please submit your video at SPC Earth Day Video Montage or

A couple of recording suggestions:

  • If you use your mobile device (iPhone/Android), check your settings and make sure you shooting at the highest resolution possible.
  • (iPhone) Settings—> Camera—> Record Video—> 4K or 1080p
  • Also please shoot in landscape orientation (please, not vertical) for the widest picture. If you have a way to stabilize the camera, that would be ideal.
  • Audio is very important, so absent a microphone input, please speak up, not too far away, and shelter from wind noise.
  • Have fun with it and send your video file through the link above.