Phased Re-Opening (Small Groups) Begins Monday, May 24

With joy and gratitude, the Session welcomes small groups to gather in the SPC church building starting on the 24th of May. Since last spring, after Session made the difficult decision to suspend in-person worship due to the Covid pandemic, the Session has strived to keep people safe, base reopening decisions on sound science, and be responsive to changing conditions. The conditions have changed; effective vaccines are widely available, the prevalence in our local area is low and declining, and no foreseeable outbreaks are on the horizon. SPC’s response is to open the church building to small gatherings but still consider when and how to return to in-person worship.

The Session is in the process of balancing safety, commitment to our core values, and common sense as we work out what the current CDC guidelines specifically mean for SPC activities.

And the Session will remain alert to changing conditions while moving purposely and deliberately, in consultation with the congregation, towards the time when we can worship in person again safely.

Note: Please schdule all meetings through the church office to assure that space is available.