Responding to Texas Flooding

Shenandoah Presbytery Committee on Mission and Outreach has an Urgent Request:
No matter how many times you see them, images of devastating flooding and the suffering they chronicle move us. They move us to first PRAY for those effected by the disaster, and then we want to DO SOMETHING - NOW.
As you know from the broadcasts coming over the news sources, the disaster part of the situation in Texas may be just beginning to happen - as crews inspect highways covered with water, as emergency responders go house to house once the water begins to recede, as city and state officials try to determine how to reestablish necessary infrastructures damaged by the flooding, as families are able to learn about their friends and families in the midst of the waters - the disaster is just beginning to appear in Texas... and it is moving east to Louisiana.
Presbyterians have an amazing way of responding - We PRAY, We ACT, and We DONATE. And we do that through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, who is committed to be there for the long term.
On this anniversary of the hurricane Katrina, there are still crews working in and around the New Orleans area doing recovery work. Katrina happened in 2005, and we are still there.
So our response now, today is to be in constant prayer for all of those in the path of the waters. It is also to donate through PDA where we know how the donated funds are used and that they will go to help with recovery.
And we can begin planning and listening for what's really needed and for other effective ways to respond. Sending truck loads of clothing is absolutely not requested. It is important to know that sending anything to the region should only be done when there is an official organization requesting it and agreeing to receive and distribute it. They've already got their hands full with the millions of people needing other services. Those serving in the area just cannot handle trailer loads of unrequested and unwanted items.
Please go to this link for guidance on where to begin and to continue your acts of care and compassion - 
Submitted by Doug Sensabaugh, CMO chair