Immigration and Refugee Support Committee News
At a recent Committee meeting, we discussed how quickly the scene for immigrants and refugees has changed in our country. We have been reaching out to immigrants locally, but we also want to encourage social justice through advocacy and lobbying efforts.
Advocacy is the process of sharing the vital facts and concerns facing immigrants on the local, state, and national levels. This can be done, for example, by press releases, attending public meetings, and outreach efforts. It also means helping policy makers find specific solutions to problems impacting immigrants. These efforts can sway public opinion, garner press coverage, and ultimately encourage policy makers to respond.
Lobbying, on the other hand, involves activities that are in direct support of, or opposition to, a specific piece of legislation. While nonprofits, including churches, can engage in some lobbying, the IRS has strict rules about what portion of their budget can go toward these activities. The little amount of actual lobbying that we might engage in will be well within the IRS limits.
Our Committee will continue to work on advocacy and lobbying efforts. We invite others to join us.