Physical, Occupational, & Speech Therapies

Quest Therapeutic Services is dedicated to providing effective and comprehensive evaluation, ongoing assessment, and the most current therapeutic strategies to children ages birth to young adult with neuromuscular impairments, developmental delays or other various motor or language impairments. Our therapists’ expertise comes from years of higher education, experience, training, and an unending passion to help children improve their lives.  

We work together with families to foster involvement and maximize the effectiveness of the creative strategies provided by our therapists in your home, school, community, or our state-of-the art facility in West Chester.  Although our therapy is clinical in nature, your child will feel that their job is to have a fun experience with our caring staff and creative approaches. We offer: 


Physical Therapy focuses on postural control, balance, strength and motor development to increase independence and mobility. 


Occupational Therapy helps children master self-care such as dressing and feeding, and play and socialization skills. Emphasis is placed on sensory processing and developing fine gross and motor skills. 

Speech Language Therapy focuses on all areas of communication such as: oral/motor strengthening, swallowing, expressive/receptive language development, auditory processing, fluency, and articulation.


Hippotherapy practitioners, depending on their professions, utilize equine movement in different ways. Physical therapists may focus on cultivating strength and balance in large muscles of the core, legs and arms; occupational therapists may focus on fine motor skills, cognitive functioning and sensory integration as it relates to everyday activities; and speech pathologists may focus on communication strategies that support speech and language, signing or other modes of communication.

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